Organisation Coaching


Introductory Consultation 

Is your organisation committed to supporting its leaders and staff to grow?

Recently experiencing change or transition?

Onboarding international talent?

Seeking to maximize your high performer's output and career development?

Undergoing the challenge of layoffs and need outplacement support?

We welcome you to a complimentary introductory consultation, where we can explore your needs and assess what solutions will best serve you. 



Diversity Coaching

Supporting successful integration and onboarding

We are advocates for diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, often it is the smallest cultural misunderstandings that can derail potentially successful recruitment and inflict conflict among teams.

We are here to help your leaders and teams to diversify.

We believe the successful integration of culturally diverse team members comes through cultural awareness, understanding, acceptance, and respect from all parties involved.

Lasting behavioural change happens one person at a time, our beliefs, and biases (conscious or unconscious) and attitudes are deeply personal and vary from person to person. Our coaching approach is to support, challenge, highlight and help to reflect upon thinking. Creating a safe space where one can focus on themself, their feelings, and thoughts to increase awareness and identify practical steps to implement to support cohesion.

We offer customised cultural awareness training, individual coaching, and mentoring

Change and Transition Coaching 

Coaching leaders to lead through change and transition

We coach leaders and their operational staff in navigating and embracing change. We help by bringing in focus, support with strategic planning, creating and aligning goals that are in line with the overall vision, and help to establish clear actions to move forward. Supporting you to lift morale, and re-establishing trust within your teams which is all part of the equation.

We also help staff become more resilient with emotional wellbeing programs. We know often slump in performance in the workplace, can stem from challenges in our personal lives. These programs take a holistic approach, supporting professionals to excel both at work and in their personal lives.

Outplacement - Career Service 

Empowered, resilient, and confident transitioning staff.

Our outplacement program combines group-based job-search training, an emotional wellbeing life skills program, and the option of individual coaching or micro-coaching and chatbot coaching.

The job search training equips participants with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to be competitive in implementing their job search. The emotional wellbeing life skills program supports building resilience, emotional wellbeing, and a person's ability to navigate change. The coaching supports participants to increase their self-awareness, motivation, energy, and create a clear action plan and committed mindset to propel them towards achieving their goals.

The program is designed to be delivered over a three-month period, it can be delivered completely online or using a mix of face-to-face and online methods.

We provide an effective, holistic, and structured approach that will give you peace of mind knowing your staff are being supported through a challenging period.

The program can be customised to meet your needs.

The micro-coaching and chatbot coaching is delivered in partnership with Panda Training.