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The Story Behind Our Company

Founder Liina Fadaee

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My mission is to support others with growth. I am passionate about personal development and reaching our full potential. I am known for my provocative influence and natural understanding of human nature. I utilise this to help create awareness, motivate and inspire others to develop a sense of their own individuality and power.

I am known for demonstrating a consistent track record of fostering rapid growth through strategic business development activities and implementing positive cultural change.

From my passion and experience with diversity, change, and career, the services we deliver at Consult For Growth have been established. 


Diversity is close to my heart having grown up in a multicultural family, between Finland and Australia. I am now also married to a Persian Man and raising my own multicultural family.


During my international business studies based in Finland, I specialised in cultural management, cultural communication, and cultural awareness. I was intrigued by the work of Geert Hofstede and how the cultural dimensions impact individuals, business strategy, and corporate culture. My quest for knowledge seen me take part in an Erasmus Scholarship in the Netherlands a country renowned for its successful cross-cultural integration. I continued on to work in the United Kingdom in a role that seen me interviewing people from across Europe and supporting successful applicants integrate into a multicultural workplace. 

From the United Kingdom, for 10 years, I pursued my career in Australia, a country known for its success with skilled migration and cultural diversity. I have been privileged to work in incredibly diverse teams, lead diverse teams, advocate for diversity, open employment doors for migrants, mentor and coach migrants and their employers to embrace cultural differences and diversity.

I've been fortunate to travel extensively throughout Europe, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Australia.  

What my experience with diversity has taught me

  • Successful integration of culturally diverse team members comes through cultural awareness, understanding, acceptance, and respect from all parties. 

  • Often it can be the smallest cultural misunderstandings that derail potentially successful recruitment and inflict conflict among teams. 

  • Diverse teams can achieve incredible results. When there is mutual understanding and awareness, acceptance and embracement of our differences, trust, inclusion, and clarity of vision. 

  • Migrants can be some of the hardest working and loyal employees. When they are given an opportunity, they will wholeheartedly commit and do their best to make their employers proud. 

  • Employers' fears around diversifying our workforces often stem from a lack of understanding and awareness – people fear the unknown.

  • Through cultural awareness training, diversity coaching, and positive experiences, we can start to remove the fear and build more inclusive workplaces. 

Diversity Coaching


My favourite quote since the age of 15 is by Heraclitus "change is the only constant in life.” No surprise my career has seen me leading through change and transition. Be this organisational change following restructures and redundancies, rebuilding damaged brands, new systems/program launches, or rapidly changing and increasingly competitive sales environments. 

I have supported managers with the transition to more diverse workforces, supported clients with career change. My work in this space has been awarded for outstanding achievements as I have lead teams to triumph.

On a more personal note, on my journey for personal growth, which I believe stems from change, I have moved 24 times, lived in 8 cities, and studied and lived in 4 counties. I have worked for 10 different companies, both leading corporate and non-for-profit.

What my experience with change has taught me

  • Ensure everyone involved understands the reason for the change, and the change is linked to the bigger picture.

  • Create a clear vision and strategy, break it down into small achievable steps. Consider what will success look like, how will you measure this and what goals do you want to achieve.

  • Build trust through honest, transparent, and open communication. Clear and effective communication is vital. Ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and know what they are doing.

  • Celebrate and recognize the progress, even the smallest milestones, and victories. Accept there will be resistance to change, some people will take longer to adapt and embrace change, give them time and the support they need.  

  • Seek as much support as possible, for both yourself as a leader and the staff who are on the ride with you. 

  • When we step outside our comfort zones and are challenged we grow. 

Change and Transition Coaching


I am proud to have supported directly or through the training and leadership of staff, hundreds of people from vast backgrounds and levels achieve their career goals.

I have served as an Operation Manager, overseeing skilled migration career and internship programs, led disability employment service teams, and gained experience as a branch manager of a Nursing Labour Hire Agency. I have developed my skills in the Career space with positions including, Internship Placement Coordinator, Employment Advisor, Career Coach, and Senior Consultant, HR Officer, and Agency Recruiter. My leadership experience has also seen me build teams and recruit numerous new staff and support them with career development.

I have had the privilege to support a diverse range of clients to move towards their career goals. Working with university graduates, skilled engineering and IT migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, mothers returning to work, indigenous Australians, people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, and professionals transitioning out of organisations due to redundancies. 

What my experience with careers has taught me

  • Each individual and their situation and path is unique and should be treated with such respect. 

  • Our careers often shape our identity and have a significant impact on our overall well-being. Career management is for everyone. 

  • Having career goals is important, both short-term and long-term goals, followed by a clear breakdown of steps to achieve them. 

  • Self-awareness, self-reflection, and continued learning support successful careers.

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes, learn from the challenges you are faced with, and carry on wiser and more experienced.   

  • The key to securing a new position is to understand the value proposition: what unique value do you bring versus who will appreciate this, and how do I communicate this. 

  • Developing an effective communication strategy, building a solid personal brand and relevant network is vital to career progress.

  • Mindset and attitude are important elements, if you do not believe in your abilities and success, non-else will either. 

  • It does not matter what is your background or experience, there is an opportunity waiting for you, you just need to identify it and cease it! 

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Career Coaching
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