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My Story
Liina Fadaee, CEO
Consult For Growth

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Unlocking Potential, Crafting Success

Welcome to my world, where every career journey is a unique adventure, and each individual possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

I am Liina Fadaee, the driving force behind Consult For Growth, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you.

The Catalyst: My career journey has been a dynamic one, characterized by a variety of experiences and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Born in Finland, to Finnish and Australian Parents, I have had the privilege of growing up between Finland and Australia, with the UK becoming a significant part of my professional journey.

I am also the proud mother of two young children, a role that adds depth and perspective to my life and work. My international background and family life have instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

I hold an international business degree and have gained valuable credentials such as ICF Accreditation, qualifications as an Executive Coach, and expertise as a licensed Performance Coach and facilitator in workforce training and development.

These qualifications have been instrumental in shaping my career, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful impact in the field of career development and coaching. Fuelled by a genuine passion for helping individuals and organizations thrive, I embarked on this journey with a deep desire to facilitate positive change and growth.

A Decade of Dedication: Over the past decade, I've been privileged to work with individuals at every rung of the career ladder. From fresh graduates seeking their foothold to seasoned executives aiming for new horizons, my mission has remained clear: to empower, to guide, and to inspire.

Meaningful Collaborations: My path has been enriched by meaningful collaborations with industry leaders such as Hays, LHH, Talent Solutions ManpowerGroup, and esteemed educational institutions like Navitas and Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. These diverse encounters have gifted me invaluable insights into a multitude of professions and industries, enabling me to tailor my approach to your distinctive path.

Solution-Focused Approach: As a Career Coach, I've become known for my solution-focused, high-impact methodology. It's an approach that propels my clients into new roles swiftly, helping them recognise their unique value proposition and articulate it persuasively to employers.


Beyond Coaching: My expertise extends beyond coaching; I'm a proficient facilitator, crafting and delivering career management materials. I've cultivated strong relationships with top tech sector corporations globally, taking a consultative approach that ensures the successful integration of skilled graduates and migrants into their workforce.

Championing Change: I've had the honour of supporting hundreds of professionals in realizing their career aspirations directly, and indirectly, through the training and development of my dedicated staff.

Achievements & Strengths: My journey is marked by numerous achievements - from being recognized as one of the world's most prominent career coaches to follow in 2023 to winning government tenders for innovative career coaching projects and revitalizing struggling brands, resulting in substantial profitability improvements.

Leadership & Strategy: I thrive in leadership roles, contributing to the development of strategic initiatives and effectively managing teams through change. Whether it's managing operational staff or achieving 100% compliance during government audits, I am committed to excellence.

Diversity & Cross-Cultural Communication: With a multicultural background and experience working in various countries, I thrive in diverse environments. I've served clients and stakeholders from around the globe, applying my expertise in cross-cultural communication and relationship-building.

My Journey Continues: Today, as the CEO and Founder of Consult For Growth, I am more dedicated than ever to helping individuals like you unlock their full potential. Together, we will script success stories that resonate with your essence and aspirations.

Your Success, My Mission: Your dreams are not just goals; they are a shared purpose. I am here to guide you, advocate for you, and collaborate with you as you embark on this transformative journey. Your path to success starts now, and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Let's begin this exciting journey together, and together, we'll craft a narrative that celebrates your unique talents and leads you to unparalleled success.

Warm regards,

Liina Fadaee
CEO, Consult For Growth

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