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Liina Fadaee

Meet our CEO

Thank you for visiting Consult For Growth's website. I am here to support you and your teams navigate the change you are seeking to help you grow. 

My favorite quote is by Heraclitus "change is the only constant in life.” No surprise my career has seen me leading through change and transition.

Many say I have a unique ability to see the bigger picture, identify skills and potential, and project infection energy to motivate and influence. 

Well-being is important, we reach and maintain our peak performance when we have a balanced life. You will see a holistic touch in my approach and the services we deliver at Consult For Growth.   

I am a qualified Executive Coach and an ICF Associate Certified Coach. A facilitator of change and growth -I am your partner when you need to grow. 

I am seen as an expert when it comes to anything career-related. I have extensive experience and expertise in this space. I am an advocate for diversity in our workforce, particularly in serving international talents/migrants and their leaders. Helping to integrate and overcome challenges faced by adapting to change, culture shock, or lack of cultural awareness.

I am a big believer in collaboration - I always have time for new connections as each conversation is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Let's engage and see what growth we can create!

Meet Our CEO: Welcome
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